About Us

SANDESH a product of Avantika Sandesh Pvt. Ltd (ASPL) is our solution to this problem. We, at ASPL are committed toward providing a platform which is a simple traditional system of sending parcels through other person travelling to similar desirous locations. It is a fact that existing courier services are unable to extend best of their services to semi-urban and rural centers owing to high cost of infrastructure set up and also that post offices are failing to deliver the true value of the money to the rural customers. Further with absence of investment in infrastructure, we are committed to offer cheapest and prompt services to our customers which will help us is bringing both retail and corporate customers in our fold. Also with our business model, we will be providing a platform to all the users to generate income by carrying out transactions on this platform and earn revenue for himself / herself. We expect that the unemployed youth will be the one who will be benefited most by using our platform. Our digital platform will have following constituents who are already playing their part in the existing model of business of courier / transportation services.